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Square Feet- The finished footage of the home.

Out-Building - Any detached structure (except detached garages). Only count the number of structures that you would like inspected.

Re-inspections - At times an inspection cannot be fully completed (usually due to utilities that are shut off or partial lack of access.) This is our fee for coming back to finish the inspection. 
This is also the fee for re-inspecting after changes have been made, such as items on a repair addendum.

Total Fee - The fee Portland Home Inspect will charge for an inspection as you have described. There is a $300 minimum fee for full house inspections and a $250 minimum for condo inspections that don't include any portion of the exterior.

Contact phone number - The number we can call to verify the inspection and get/give more information.




Tim Mcgill
OCHI #1373
Oregon CCB #


"We hired Tim McGill after searching online for home inspectors and hired him to come and conduct a whole house inspection for us to determine if it qualified for our loan for the purchase of this house. Tim inspected the house from top, from crawling on the roof to searching down to the tiniest crack in the garage floor. From torn screen in the storm door to condensation that formed in an unvented area in a crawl space. He explained how everything happened and what the fix was for it."

Cynthia Schreiner (via Angie's List)